Listen, watch, read ...

gentleman at German newstandCredit:  Ed Yourdon, Flickr, Creative Commons License.

Before you embark

For quick-start in a new language, outside class, try these strategies:

Finding films in your language

  • Go to the library catalog and select the Advanced Search
  • Enter the term "videodisc"
  • From the list of results, Limit your search by format: video and language.
  • Sample search for videos in Italian

Film and video -- DVDs, streaming content, more

Cornell owns thousands of foreign language films: DVDs, VHS,  and streaming content.  All are tagged "video" in the Library Catalog.

If you want a particular film, try a simple search for the title (for example, Amelie).

For broader retrieval, In the Library Catalog, use the facets at the left side of the page to identify films by language, genre, and other parameters (for example: videos about Kenya, online only).

Kroch/Olin/Uris DVDs are shelved in the Dean Room in Uris Library.  Kroch/Olin/Uris VHS tapes may be requested from the Annex.

Books in more than 400 languages

Did you know that the Cornell University Library collections include books (print books and ebooks) in more than 400 languages? Ask a librarian for help getting the best materials for your language learning and language maintenance needs.

Languages Taught at Cornell

More than 50 languages are taught at Cornell.  For more information, and for a handout describing language teaching and resources, contact the Language Resource Center (LRC).