Finding libraries

Library culture

Library cultures and access policies differ greatly around the world.

Many libraries, including many of the major libraries of Europe, are closed stack (that is, you won't be able to browse the books on the shelves). They may also have very limited hours of operation, and may charge access fees. Count on needing to plan ahead, and plan your research time carefully.

Some libraries require a letter of introduction from a librarian just to use the facility. We're happy to provide these letters; just let us know when and where you're going. You may also ask us to help identify libraries useful for your particular research.

Contact Cornell's Library Subject and World Area Specialists

There are Cornell librarians with expertise in collections and services related to particular world areas.

Who are the specialists for your disciplines and destinations? Find out by consulting this list of Cornell Library Subject Librarians.

"When you enter the library, you have to wear these slippers"

St Gallen entry with rows of slippers

Abbey Library of Saint Gall, Switzerland; credit: clare_and_ben, Flickr, Creative Commons license.