H.G. Wells
Illustration from 1906 Belgian edition of The War of the Worlds (Alvim Corréa)
Jules Verne

Illustration from 1864 edition of Voyage au centre de la Terre (Édouard Riou)

Octavia E. Butler

Dust jacket from Dawn (1987)

J.R.R. Tolkien

Mary Shelley

Illustration from the 1831 edition of Frankenstein by Theodor von Holst

Margaret Atwood speaking to a class at Cornell, March 2011.

Encyclopedias & Guides

Specialized subject encyclopedias and dictionaries are excellent sources for overviews and introductions to topics within the genres of science fiction and fantasy. Since the 1970s many of these have been published, some with deeper and more extensive coverage than others. Below is a list of reference books available in Olin and Uris libraries. Some may be found in the Olin Reference collection, others are shelved in the Olin/Uris stacks or the Library Annex, as noted.