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eHRAF World Cultures
Provides information on particular cultures, ethnic groups, or immigrant groups, their beliefs and superstitions, or subjects such as political structure, architecture, kinship units, or settlement patterns. The information is organized by cultures and ethnic groups and the full-text documents are subject-indexed at the paragraph level.

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) daily reports, 1974-1996
Created by the U.S. intelligence community to benefit policy makers and analysts, FBIS Daily Reports offer foreign views and perspectives on historical events from thousands of monitored broadcasts and publications. Translated into English from more than 50 languages, these comprehensive media reports from around the globe include news, interviews, speeches and editorial commentary.

Confidential print Africa, 1834-1966
Provides electronic access to the United Kingdom's Colonial, Dominion and Foreign Offices' confidential correspondence relating to Africa between 1834 and 1966. This resource provides a searchable collection of scores of official documents and maps covering almost the entire period of European conquest and colonisation of Africa (with the exception of Egypt).Description:1 online resource.

Table of contents:
CO 879/1-190: Africa general (1848-1961)
CO 886/1-11: Dominions general, 1887-1926
DO 116/1-8: Union of South Africa and High Commission Territories, 1913-1944
FO 341/1-3: German Empire miscellaneous, 1884-1900
FO 401/1-48: Abyssinia, 1846-1956
FO 403/1-482: Africa general, 1834-1959
FO 413/1-99: Morocco and north-west Africa, 1839-1957
FO 458/1-157: Liberia, 1882-1950
FO 468/1-4: British Commonwealth general, 1945-1949
FO 485/1-3: Liberia, 1947-1949
FO 540/1-6: Libya, 1951-1956.
Selected files from: CO 885/1-140: Colonies general (1907-1929)
DO 114/1-140: Dominions general (1924-1947)
DO 201/1-53: Commonwealth Relations Office (1949-1966)
WO 287/1-287: War Office (1905-1944).




African blue books, 1821-1953 (from Great Britain's Colonial Office)
The Annual Blue Book contains accounts of colonial revenue and expenditures and various statistical tables. Annual Reports can assist with the interpretation of the data in the Blue Books.

Table of contents:

Basutoland (Lesotho), 1926-1946
Gambia, 1828-1945
Gold Coast, 1846-1939
Kenya, 1901-1946 Nigeria, 1862-1945
Northern Rhodesia, 1924-1948
Nyasaland, 1904-1938
Sierra Leone, 1824-1943
Tanganyika, 1921-1948
Uganda, 1901-1945
Zanzibar, 1913-1947