Add information to your ORCID record

There are three ways to add works to your ORCID record:

  • Link your works from another system (recommended)
  • Import a BibTeX file of your works 
  • Manually type in information about your works (least preferred)

To link works from another system, choose Search & link from the Add works menu in the works portion of your record:

search and link






Select a system from the list (CrossRef is a good general source, others will depend on your discipline). You'll be asked to authorize the system, and will then be able to identify works in that system that are yours and that you would like transferred to your record. Each system behaves a little differently, and there may be a couple of intermediate steps not described here. For more information, see Add works by direct import from other systems in the ORCID Knowledge Base.

To import a BibTeX file of your works, choose Import BibTeX from the Add works menu in the works portion of your record, and import the file. For more information, see Importing Works from a BibTeX File in the ORCID Knowledge Base.

To manually type in information about your works, choose Add manually from the Add works menu in the works portion of your record, and complete the form to describe a work. For more information, see Add works manually in the ORCID Knowledge Base. 

To add other kinds of information to your ORCID record, see Get more out of your ORCID iD.

Control the visibility of information in your ORCID record

You may control how much of your ORCID record is publicly visible. For both your personal information and information about your privacy settingsworks, three settings are available:

  • Public or Everyone: information is available via the ORCID API and visible to visitors to the ORCID website.
  • Trusted parties: information is visible only to individuals and organizations you authorize.
  • Private: information is visible only to you.

For more information, see Visibility Settings in the ORCID Knowledge Base, and ORCID's privacy policy

Allow someone else to manage your record

If you grant a delegate access to your ORCID record, they can update and manage the record on your behalf. Note that delegates must have their own ORCID iD to log in. You can add a trusted individual in your account settings.

For more information, see Add a trusted individual to your account in the ORCID Knowledge Base.