Welcome to the Music Library!

This is a guide to library resources for music research at Cornell. Use this guide to access resources, get research help, and learn about the library catalog, call numbers, articles, databases, and more. Visit the music library website for information about our collections, equipment, and services as well as additional databases and other resources. Email us for friendly, personalized assistance with your research. We are also available for individual appointments and class instruction sessions.

Music Library Contacts

  • Reference/Circulation Staff (general reference, information, and circulation policy questions) (607) 255-4011
  • Lenora Schneller, Music Librarian (print materials purchase requests, problem reference questions)
  • Tracey Snyder, Music Catalog and Instruction Librarian (audiovisual materials purchase requests, instruction, reference)

This Research Guide

This research guide is maintained by Tracey Snyder, Music Catalog and Instruction Librarian.