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Business Resources - Recommended by Mann Library: Company & Finance Research

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Company and Financial Research


Bloomberg is a powerful and customizable financial Research tool with data for almost all publicly traded companies around the world, trading data for commodities, currencies, bonds, treasuries and notes, news, executive information and much more.  Bloomberg is also one of the few resources that provides detailed and extensive historical securities data, often down to individual ticks. 

Mann has 3 Bloomberg terminals located on the main level in the computing area (in the Business Resources section).  Bloomberg terminals can also be found in the Management Library, the Hotel Library and the Law Library.

For more information on how to use Bloomberg, take a look at the Management Library's Guide on "How To: Bloomberg".


Datastream is a massive source of current and historical financial data.  The amount and type of data is similar to what you would find in Bloomberg, but there are fewer use and download restrictions, meaning Datastream will usually be a better option for large data downloads.  Datastream is limited to specific terminals across campus, including a single terminal in the "Business Resources" section on the main floor of Mann Library.


Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) is a host for a variety of sources of current and historical Business Data.  While the data are extensive, there are use restrictions to WRDS. Please contact a librarian if you're interested in downloading large quantities of Business data. 

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