Subject databases focus on specific disciplines like history, african studies, asian studies, or political science, to identify articles, and sometimes book chapters and books, relating to your keyword search.

In databases, you can also use the filters to limit by language, or material type, and more.

When scanning through your results, note any other terms that may be useful in a new search.

Search tips:

Start broad, with only one term or phrase. After scanning through your results, add terms to narrow your search.


  • Chagos
  • Dien Bien Phu
  • Bandung conference

Use "And" "OR," and "NOT"

  • AND adds terms to your search
  • OR broadens your search to include alternative terms, e.g.colonialism OR decolonization
  • NOT excludes terms.

Sample searches:

  • dutch
    [and] decolonization
  • germany
    [and] colonies OR colonial
    [and] west africa
    [not] south
  • angola OR mozambique OR guinea-bissou
    [and] decolonization OR independence
    [and] women
  • bandung
    [and] decolonization OR independence
  • algeria
    [and] war OR independence
    [and] sartre OR camus
  • Dien Bien Phu
    [not] military 

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