Getting Started

Welcome! This page will help you navigate the best research sources and strategies for your job search.

The Cornell Tech Library Services team offers support via email and consultations.  You can reach us via  

We work with the Career Management team at Tech to teach you how to find information on companies and industries so you can stand out in your interviews, create lists of potential companies where you may want to work, or find company SWOTs and reports to name a few of our career research services.

Looking for research support for your new startup?  We can help!  Contact us to learn more about our entrepreneurship support services.

Tech Interview Books

Short on Time?

Are you attending a networking session for a company you know little about and you have only 30 minutes to prep?  Do you have a lead about a job opportunity and want to quickly check out what you can about the company?

When short on time, tackle these two areas first:

Review the company's website:  If you're looking at a large publicly-traded company, take a look at their press releases and news section to better understand what they want you to know about the company.  If they are a small startup and have an online presence, pay attention to the information they are sharing with the public.  (If you have a few more minutes - For publicly traded companies, take a look at their quarterly (SEC 10Q) or annual reports (SEC 10K).  For privately held firms, take a look at Pitchbook to learn more, including who is investing and how much).

Research your industry space: Read an industry profile in IBISWorld, Frost & Sullivan, or Technavio.  First Research Industry Profiles are great because they provide you with Call Prep Questions.  These can be found using Mergent Intellect > First Research.


General Career Books

Keeping up to date

Please note that some of these resources require an individual subscription for additional content. 

Creating Lists of Companies

These are some of the core resources that will let you create a list of companies that match criteria you specify (such as where they are located, their indusries, size, etc.). 

Building Skills

  • Enroll in MOOCs.  Cornell has joined edX to provide courses, and you can take some free courses through Coursera and Udacity.  Courses cover business, data science, language, etc...