Key Journals in Comparative Literature

Arcadia: Internationale Zeitschrift für vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft. Berlin New York, De Gruyter, 1966- . Print Location: Olin stacks PN851 A66+ Print subscription canceled after 2007.
Comparatist. Martin: Southern Comparative Literature Assn., 1977-. Print location: Olin Stacks PN 851 C726
An annual publication consisting generally of shorter essays on varying themes of comparative literature. Each issue also has a number of reviews of current publications in the field of comparative literature. Indexed in American Humanities Index and MLA. NOTE: 2009 is last year of print subscription; newer issues online only.
Comparative Critical Studies. Edinburgh University Press, 2004-. Print location:  Olin Stacks P 14 851 C71
Each annual volume is divided into 3 parts. Part 1 consists of lengthy, scholarly articles containing extended notes on a particular theme (e.g., "National Myth and Literary Culture"), part 2 is translations and part 3 is essay-reviews. Included in each volume is a list of books and periodicals received and a couple of subject bibliographies. Indexed in MLA. Formed by the merger of Comparative Criticism and New Comparison in 2004.
Comparative Literature. Eugene: University of Oregon, 1949-. Pint location: Olin Stacks NP 851 C73; current issues in Periodical Room
Each quarterly issue contains four lengthy articles on scholarly aspects of compressive literature. Articles include a significant works cited list. A book review section is included. This periodical is indexed in Humanities Index and MLA.
Comparative Literature Studies. College Park: University of Maryland, 1964-. Print location: Olin Stacks PN 2 C73; current issues in Periodical Room
Another quarterly publication, containing 5 8 essays per issue. "It concentrates on literary history and criticism of all periods and lands" (Katz, Magazines for Librarians). Shelved with the periodical is an index covering V. 1-10 (1964-1973). It is also indexed in Humanities Index and MLA.
Yearbook of Comparative Literature.Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1952- . Olin Stacks PN 851 Y39
An annual publication covering a vast variety of articles about comparative literature worldwide. Includes scholarly articles of moderate length with notes ant works cited. Each volume concludes with a 'Bibliography on the Relations of Literature ant Other Arts." A section is dedicated to reviews of professional works. Indexed in American Humanities Index and MLA. Print subscription canceled after 2012. Issues from 2008 onward in Project MUSE.
Year's Work in Modern Language Studies. London: Modern Humanities Research, 1929/30-. Olin Stacks PB 1 Y39
An annual publication which lists literary and linguistic research arranged by languages covered (mainly Western European languages). Although English and American language and literature are not included here, many of the articles on other languages are written in English. Indexed in British Humanities Index and MLA.