SimplyMap example

Find the number of households who have recently purchased dog treats in the Boston area using SimplyAnalytics.

  1. Click on New Map to create a new map
  2. Click on Variable to expand the option and then select Search and search for dog buscuits
  3. Click on the pop-up Action menu to include a variable
  4. Click the Locations option and under step 1, select Find location by: City
  5. In step 2 select the state Massachucetts and the city Boston, MA
  6. In step 3 click USE THIS LOCATION
  7. Use the Points menu to map pet supply stores There is a limit of 3 simultaneous users. Please log off when finished.
  8. Other options: If you do not have access to SimplyAnalytics, try American Factfinder and the business & industry data available via the Census.

Passport GMID

Find the market size for Beer US and the UK from 2011 to present and get any forecasted data using Passport.

  1. Click Search in the top horizontal menubar
  2. Either browse the category tree by drilling down into options or use the See Data Now: Quick Market Stats to search for beer
  3. Select Consumer Expenditure on Beer
  4. Now Choose Geographies button at the bottom of the page (USA and United Kingdom)
  5. Click See Data Now
  6. Click the RUN SEARCH button
  7. Use items in the left vertical tool bar to change currencies and time selections, including past and forecasting

Note that you can edit the currency as well as click the brown or blue squares to view company or brand shares.

Other options: Associations and interest groups like the American Veterinary Medical Association and American Pet Products Association will often be able to provide some statistics on the state of the market.

Mintel example

Find a market research report on cosmetics in the US using Mintel Academic.

  1. Select Category-Personal Care and then browse, or search for cosmetics
  2. Select "Color Cosmetics US"
  3. To download desired sections of the report. In each section, click the Export to Basket link. Repeat for any section you wish to download.
  4. Go to EXPORT BASKET in the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. Check the boxes next to the report sections you want and click the download rt link to download those sections.