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Indexing sources for Asian newspapers can sometimes be difficult to find.  Some countries have excellent current and retrospective sources, other countries have very few.  This guide should help locate print and online indexing sources. 

One place to find such resources is the Asia Collections web site.   Look under the Resources tab and choose Databases.  Use the Subject filter to find Newspapers.  Country limits can also be applied.

Research guides (LibGuides) are guides that have been created by librarians. A list of guides for finding news and news indexing sources can be found under the topic "News and Current Events."


Asia Collections Staff

Carole Atkinson -- General Asia Information and Reference;  180 Kroch Library;  607-255-8199.              

Greg Green --  Curator, Southeast Asia Collections;  (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar);  179 Kroch Library;  607-255-8889.                                                                                                                                                                          

Jeff Petersen --  Librarian, Southeast Asia Collections;  (Indonesia, Philippines);  178 Kroch Library;  607-255-7229.    

Liren Zheng -- Curator, East Asia Collection;  (China, Korea, Overseas Chinese);  172 Kroch Library;   607-255-5759.        

Dan McKee -- Librarian, East Asia Collections;   (Japan);  173 Kroch Library;  607-255-4737.                       

 South Asia Collection;  (Nepal, India);  181 Kroch Library;   607-255-9479.    

You Lee Chun -- Korea materials acquisitions & reference;  175 Kroch Library;   607-255-1685.                         













Asia Information & Reference

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Carole Atkinson
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Phone: 607-255-8199