More tips for managing your ORCID record

do moreUse your Cornell credentials to log into On the ORCID sign-in page, select "Institutional Account." You don't have to remember your ORCID iD!

Make your works public. This maximizes the potential for integration of your ORCID iD into other systems, and automatic updating of databases to attach your ORCID iD to your works.

Add at least some personal information (brief bio, education and/or employment) to your ORCID record, and make it public. This can help others distinguish you from people with the same name, if they don't know your ORCID iD.

Add name variants, if you have published under other names or variations of your name.

Add grants and other activities and resources: You can add research funding, research resources (labs, equipment, etc.), and activities such as invited positions and peer review to your ORCID record.

Consider using your ORCID profile as your professional profile/web page. A well-populated ORCID profile can be a good alternative (or supplement) to other professional profile profiles and personal or professional web pages. See Building your ORCID record for a complete reference.

Use your ORCID iD when and where you can

Use your ORCID iD when prompted in processes such as manuscript submission and grant proposals and reporting (e.g. eRA Commons).

Link your ORCID iD to (or include it in your profile for) other services, including ResearcherIDfigshare, and your professional organizations.

Include your ORCID on conference posters (generate a QR code, if you like, right from your ORCID record page), to direct people to your works.

Consider including your ORCID iD on your webpage, in social media accounts, and in your email signature. For display, ORCID recommends using the entire URL and the ORCID iD logo: ORCID logo

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