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Cornell Library's collection on the Vietnam War contains books, microfilms and videos covering all aspects of the war, including history both of the war in Vietnam and the on home front, campaigns and battles, yearbooks of individual regiments and fighting units, the sea, air and land war, chemical warfare, weapons, women in the war,  personal stories, fiction and more (the Vietnamese literature section contains about 17,000 volumes, with a substantial number written by authors during the Vietnam War period which only Cornell owns).  Primary sources include items such as reproductions of captured documents, daily reports of the war from the military commands, the Kennedy and Johnson administration papers on the war, various daily bulletins from Saigon and Paris in English, Vietnamese and French; and about 120 local and national Vietnamese newspapers from that time period.  

The call number area for browsing books in the stacks is DS 557 - DS 559.   There are books on both levels:  level 1 is "oversize" or larger books; level B1 has regular size books and is the more extensive section.

To see all the specific categories on the subject of the Vietnam War, use the search box on the library catalog page.  Choose the "subject browse A-Z" field in the drop-down menu, and type in "Vietnam War."  The sub-topics under the Vietnam War heading are in alphabetical order, fortunately, as there are several dozen  pages of detailed sub-topics in the catalog.

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