Resources for Agricultural Literature and Research

AgEcon Search

AgEcon Search is a free-to-user Web site that contains the full text of working papers, conference papers and journal articles in applied economics, including the subtopics of agricultural, consumer, energy, environmental, and resource economics.

AgNIC: Agriculture Network Information Center

Created by an alliance of the U.S. National Agricultural Library (NAL), land-grant universities and other agricultural organizations, in cooperation with citizen groups and government agencies, AgNIC focuses on providing agricultural information in electronic format online.

The Food and Agriculture Organization

The FAO, a branch of the United Nations, provides free online publications, reports and statistics on agriculture and nutrition around the world.  FAO publications can be accessed here.

National Agricultural Library

The United State Department of Agriculture provides wealth of literature from agriculture research and reports through their National Agricultural Libary website.  Also try searching this information through the new search portal, PubAg.  Note that full-text may not be available for all of the citations that you find here due to publisher restrictions.  Check TEEAL for full text access from your institution or use the Interlibrary Loan Services.

National Sea Grant Library

A fulltext collection of over 22,000 documents from the U.S. National Sea Grant Library.  Includes information on both oceanography and limnology as well as aquaculture.

Multidisciplinary Resources for Scholarly Literature and Research

The Directory of Open Access Journals

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a searchable database of journals in all disciplines that make their content freely available online to all users.  For a list of open access journals of agriculture, try this link, or search the database by subject or key word.

PQDT (ProQuest Dissertations and Theses) Open

This searchable database provides open access to the full text of a collection of dissertations and theses in all disciplines.  This can be a rich source of information about research methodology. 

PLoS (Public Library of Science) Journals

PLoS publishes quality research in a number of scientific disciplines and provides all content in full-text online for free.

The World Bank Open Knowledge Repository

This is the World Bank's open access collection of over 18,000 publications on issues of international development, aid and economics.

Online books

CIMMYT: International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center Online Books

CIMMYT provides information and resources to improve maize and wheat cultivation around the world.  These resources include a collection of free online books through Google Books and a searchable database for reports and information.

NCBI Bookshelf

Books and documents in life sciences and health care from the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Specific Crop Information

Sweet Potato Knowlege Portal

This is a collaborative project where sweetpotato professionals and scientists come together to share, discuss, and generate new knowledge. Our aim is to provide easy access to all the technical and scientific knowledge on sweetpotato in the world, and by doing so we will improve the nutrition and food security of millions of people.


The Next Generation Cassava Breeding (NEXTGEN Cassava) project aims to significantly increase the rate of genetic improvement in cassava breeding and unlock the full potential of cassava, a staple crop central to food security and livelihoods across Africa. The project will implement and empirically test a new breeding method known as Genomic Selection that relies on statistical modeling to predict cassava performance before field-testing, and dramatically accelerates the breeding cycle.


Access to data and tools for breeders and researchers, including genomic selection algorithms and analysis capacity, a cassava genome browser, cassava ontology tools, phenotyping tools, and social networking.


This web portal is designed to provide convenient access to peanut genetic and genomic data deriving from U.S. and international research, and particularly from the Peanut Genomics Initiative

SRI-Rice Online

SRI-Rice ONLINE contains the most comprehensive collection of information on the System of Rice Intensification globally.

CIMMYT: International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center

CIMMYT provides information and resources to improve maize and wheat cultivation around the world.  These resources include a collection of free online books and a searchable database for reports and information.

Online Reference