Finding a company profile

Company profiles will often include a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, strategy, competition, and recent acquisitions. You can find company profiles from Business Source Complete and Mergent Online.  Databases like Bloomberg, Capital IQ, and Eikon will have financials, transactions, and peer analysis information.

Company webpages

Company websites are a valuable source of information. Be sure to check out each of these 3 areas of a company's webpage: 

  • Customer-facing: this is usually the company's homepage. Note how a company describes itself and its business practices. The way the company organizes its webpage can help you understand a company's priorities and strategies. 
  • Employee/applicant-facing: a company's career page is a good place to learn more about a company's values and policies.
  • Investor-facing: publicly-traded companies will also host an investor relations page with even more information about the company's financial position and business strategy. 

Company News

Impress recruiters by knowing specific details about recent events affecting the company and the industry.  Perhaps they recently hired new top executives or they were affected by industry, regulatory, or market changes.