Companies by Location: Uniworld

Looking for a company with offices in both the United States and another country? You can use Uniworld, a library database, to locate companies with locations in multiple countries. Add additional criteria like industry, number of employees, or revenue, to narrow your search. 

Companies by Sponsorship (H1B)

Want to see which companies have sponsored H1B visas? You can use databases like Myvisajobs and GoinGlobal to see whether a company has filed for an H1B visa in the past. 

  • The largest online portal for foreign workers seeking employment opportunities in the U.S., provides its annual reports for H1B visa sponsorships. You can track the sponsorship trends by employers, industry, job title, and occupations.
  • GoinGlobal. Sponsored by Cornell's Student & Campus Life, GoinGlobal is an H1B visa resource, helping you identify employers who historically hired international talent based on occupation, job title, employer name, and industry (this feature requires a subscription, you must log in with a Cornell IP address in order to use the account).