A Few Things to Know About the Web...

Like most students, you are pressed for time. You need to find information quickly and efficiently. The natural solution: the Web. When you are searching for information online, keep in mind these points:

  • There is no quality control on the Web. Anyone can upload information and claim that it is "authoritative." 
  • Google does not search the whole Web
  • Every search engine does not return the same results
If you're not sure of the source of content on the Web, take a look at the top-level domain to get an idea. Here are a few domains you might find:
  • .com = commercial sites
  • .pro = doctors, lawyers, accountants
  • .biz = commercial, business sites
  • .org = nonprofit organizations
  • .edu = educational institutions
  • .gov = government agencies
  • .mil = military
  • .net = Internet service providers, which are companies that provide access to the Web; personal websites often have this top-level domain
  • .name = personal websites
  • .info = general top-level domains for individual sites, business, or organizations
  • countries (it. = Italy, kw = Kuwait)

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