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A "government document" is an official, authoritative publication issued by or for a government body or agency and administrative organizations at all levels. In a broader sense, government publications include those issued by international organizations and agencies. Books, pamphlets, posters, periodicals, and online databases are also government documents if they are produced by a government agency.

Government Documents and Ephemeral Publications (Arab Countries)

Government Documents and Ephemeral Publications project from the Library of Congress’ Overseas Office in Cairo 

[Available from: The Center for Research Libraries (CRL)]

Pamphlets about Algeria  Link to record:   http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2711283~S1

Pamphlets about Egypt   Link to record:  http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2728122~S1

Pamphlets about Jordan   Link to record:  http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2728220~S1

Pamphlets about Lebanon, Iraq, Mauritania, the Middle East   Link to record:  http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2912963~S1

Pamphlets about Oman   Link to record:  http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2728834~S1

Pamphlets about Pan-Arab Organizations   Link to record:  http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2910349~S1

Pamphlets about Saudi Arabia   Link to record:  http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2728920~S1

Pamphlets about Sudan   Link to record:  http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2728919~S1

Pamphlets about Syria and Morocco   Link to record:  http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2912962~S1

Pamphlets about Tunisia   Link to record:  http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2729096~S1

Pamphlets about West Bank   Link to record:  http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2910381~S1

Pamphlets about Yemen   Link to record:  http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2913001~S1

Government Documents * Middle East & North Africa


The Foreign Official Gazette database (FOG) contains records for approximately 650 official gazette titles from countries outside the United States. It serves as a “union list” of holdings within the major collections residing in North America, encompassing both CRL holdings as well as the holdings of five other major libraries.

Document Sources

A select chronology and background documents relating to the Middle East / Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate

Les Arabes par leurs archives: XVI-XXe siècles, Paris ... 1974 / [organisé] par Jacques Berque et Dominique Chevalier

Papers of the Palestinian Delegation / From Rashid Khalidi's book BROKERS OF DECEIT: How the U.S. Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East.

AUB Political posters collected between the 1960s and the 1980s

The Palestine Poster Project Archives. © 2009–2019وثائق سجل الأحوال الشخصيّة | سفارة الولايات المتحدة في 

وثائق سجل الأحوال الشخصيّة | سفارة الولايات المتحدة في لبنان

مدونة احداث العالم العربي ووقائعه، 1800- 1950 بحسب التسلسل الزمني / شكيب ارسلان]  / اشراف وتحرير يوسف حسين ايبش، توما توفيق عريضه، يوسف قزما خوري المختارة، لبنان : الدار التقدمية, 2008 

​​معجم العراق : سجل تاريخي سياسي إقتصادي إجتماعي ثقافي يبحث بإيجاز دقيق عن مختلف نواحي الحياة العامة في العراق منذ العهد العثماني حتى اليوم / عبد الرزاق الهلاي. / الهلالي، عبد الرزاق، مؤلف. بغداد : مطبعة النجاح، 1953.

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