Sources for researching African artists

Open online journals

Gallery Magazine archive, Zimbabwe 1994-1999

Artthrob, South Africa (online only visual arts and cultural criticism)  

Chimurenga, South Africa (Pan-African cultural criticism)


Artist residency and workshop programs 

The Bag Factory, Gasworks, Raw Material Company, Triangle Network


Commercial galleries

Stevenson, Tyburn, Goodman, Axis Gallery, Gallery Delta, Everard Read, SMAC, Tiwani


Exhibition histories at major African museums also contain valuable information: 


Biennales, art fairs, and festivals

On the Open Web

Sales Resources:

    Visual arts from Africa, Asia, the Americas in the international art context
    Partially searchable without a subscription. Includes Mayer's Guide, a database of 150,000 artists and over 45,000 sales from 950 auction houses 1987 to the present.
    An interactive online community devoted to Chinese works of art.
  • Artsy
    Links to current high-profile live auctions and recent auctions

Art and Feminism's List of Resources

Research Resources

Art Databases

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Find Articles about art by using databases that index thousands of journals

News Sources