Tips for Best Practices

  • Wondering if your artist meets the criteria for notability? In general, Wikipedia would like to see proof of 2 major solo shows and participation in 5 major exhibitions.
  • If you're having trouble finding published material, and would like to use primary sources, which Wikipedia discourages in general, look for published oral histories and published finding guides to materials in archives.
  • (Neutral) narratives about people are important components of Wikipedia articles, and always preferable to lists, such as lists of exhibitions. Try to describe an exhibition history, rather than just create a list. If you must include a list, try to curate it and focus on the most important exhibitions, rather than make it comprehensive.
  • When describing someone in a biographical narrative, do not identify them by nationality or gender unless they have done so themselves.
  • Do not use an artist's website or a website for a gallery that represents them as a source citation! That would trigger a conflict-of-interest flag. Focus on exhibition reviews instead. Use exhibition reviews from highly-visible sources as much as possible (e.g., New York Times).