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This guide covers indexing sources, both print and online, for East, Southeast,and South Asia.    For countries where indexing services are lacking, some periodicals that have their own published indexes are included.

To find indexing sources for individual periodical titles, go to Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory or check the online catalog. Index volumes (if there are any) are listed in the holdings information for the title. 

Some periodicals include indexing for a particular year or volume as part of one of the issues, usually the last issue,  or in the first issue of a new volume (or year).

For newspaper indexes, see research guide "Newspaper Indexes for East, Southeast and South Asia." 

Asia Collections Staff

Carole Atkinson (General Asia)  Information and Reference; 180 Kroch Library; 607-255-8199;

Greg Green (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar)  Curator, Southeast Asia Collection; 179 Kroch Library; 607-255-8889;

Jeff Petersen (Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor)  Librarian, Southeast Asia Collection; 178 Kroch Library; 607-255-7229;

Liren Zheng (China, Korea)  Curator, East Asia Collection; 172 Kroch Library;  607-255-5759;

Dan McKee Japan)  Librarian, East Asia Collection 173 Kroch Library; 607-255-4737;

You Lee Chun (Korea specialist)  175 Kroch Library; 607-255-1685;

(Curator, South Asia Collections)      181 Kroch Library,  607-255-9777, (Lisa LeFever, admin. ass't.)  

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