Printing, Microforms, Cafes, and Other Services


  • Free black-and-white and color printing via CU Print is available in the following libraries. (Each student has a $15 allotment for the year, ~200 b/w pages) To use these printers, students will have to install CU Print (different from Net Print). CU Print Installation Instructions Students should submit their print jobs ahead of time and wipe down the machines. We have a non-public libguide on CU-Print, as well.
    • Africana (1 color, 1 b&w)
    • Catherwood (3 color, 4 b&w)
    • Fine Arts (2 color)
    • Kroch (1st floor; Asia reading room; 1 color)
    • Law Library (ground floor 1 color; 3rd floor b&w)
    • Management (3 color, 2 b&w)
    • Mann Library (contactless pick-up area and quiet study area; color and b&w)
    • Math Library (2 color)
    • Music Library (1 b&w, 1 color)
    • Olin Library (basement 3 color, 5 b&w)
    • Management (3 color, 2 b&w)
    • Uris (contactless pick-up area and Dean's Room; 3 color, 3 b&w)
    • Vet (1 color)
    • Non-library CU-Print printer locations.
    • Other printing options:


Poster Printing:

Poster printing is now available from Mann Library. Patrons can either submit their images online for contactless printing service or they can walk up to the Help Desk. Full details on Mann's Printing Page.

  • Contactless Poster Printing requires 2 business days. Monday-Friday only. Poster files are submitted electronically and turnaround time is around 48 hours. Patrons can fill out this form to submit their posters for printing.
  • Walk ups are first come, first served. Printing is available during Mann's operational hours (stopping one hour before closing).
  • Courses and departments may register a poster session using the Poster Session Registration Form.
  • Patrons can pay with credit cards, check, procurement card, or departmental account number. Cash no longer accepted.


3D Printing:


Quarter Cards


Microforms and Video Players: 

  • Olin Library has three microform readers and a multi-region DVD/VHS workstations.  These workstations are located on Olin Library's Level B, in Reading Room B12 and are available by appointment. Directions for the players are located next to the machines. If patrons have questions, they can contact
  • If you need a specific article scanned from a microfilm in our collection, please request a scan of that article using our Scan It service.



  • Amit Bhatia Libe Café is open.
  • Manndible has closed. Mann Cafe has is now opened in the same location. Patrons can eat in the cafe and the lobby of Mann (no eating is allowed in the library).


Specific software and databases: See Computing and Software page.