Note to chatters

This guide will be updated as services and policies change. Let Erica Johns ( know if there is something that should be corrected or added. Please note: we want to keep this lean and to the point. We will work to add other items as needed or as available.

Most recent changes to services and policies

  • (2/12/21) A few updates:
  • (1/29/21) A plethora of updates:
  • Equipment (including laptop) loans have resumed. Students can reserve Laptops from Uris using the Laptop Reservation page and specialized equipment from Mann using the Specialized Equipment Reservation page. More details on equipment and laptop loans can be found on this guide's Equipment Page.
  • (12/16/20) The physical collection of the Math Library is now available by appointment. For more information see the Library Spaces page. Holiday hours are available for each library on the Library and Hours page of the library website.
  • (11/18/20) Added an End-of-Semester FAQ page with information about returning books, equipment, and post-break policies.
  • (11/17/20) Physical course reserves have been moved from Uris Library to the 1st floor of Olin Library.
  • (11/13/20) Contactless poster printing is now available at Mann Library. Turnaround time is approximately 48 hours. More information on the Printing and Other On-site Services page.
  • (11/11/20) Appointment-based on-site access to Catherwood's collection now available. More information in the Library Spaces page.
  • (11/6/20) Music Library now available for Research by Appointment. For more information, see Library Spaces page.
  • (10/30/20) Certain boxes removed pending accessibility remediation. Referral Directory updated to reflect locations offering Stacks Access for Research and Research by Appointment.