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How to: Research Consumer Markets: Other resources


Factiva: access to articles from more than 8,000 business publications, including market research journals such as American Demographics.


Ipoll Databank: consists of approximately half a million questions asked in American public opinion polls conducted since 1935 by major polling, media, and research organizations.


Sports Market Analytics: source of full-text articles, market reports, and statistics on sporting event attendance, broadcasting, sporting goods equipment market and more.


U.S. Commercial Service: the trade promotion arm of the International Trade Administration, contains market reports and country guides for U.S.-based companies seeking to do business internationally.

Free web sites

Searching Google? Get Better Results

Search engines are useful for finding information, but sometimes it is hard to wade through the bad results to get to quality information and reputable websites.

Use these tips to search Google like a pro:

  • Limit the domains you search. e.g. Search for government sites by putting  in your search. If you have a specific site in mind you can be more specific in your Google search e.g.
  • Remove commercial sites from your results by putting a minus sign in front e.g.
  • Exclude words or websites you don't want with a minus sign. e.g. 
  • Put quotation marks around a phrase to reduce the number of results. e.g. "chewing gum"
  • Use OR to search for one of many options. e.g. campers OR hikers
  • An asterisk * is often used as a wildcard in search engines and databases e.g. camp* will search for camp, campers, camping, etc.
  • Use the Advanced Search to help create a focused search.


Note: many search engines will allow you to refine your search in a simlar fashion.



Introduction and methods to market research
Consumer behavior and lifestyle
Specific demographic groups
International statistics

Introduction and methods to market research:

  • The Marketing Research Guide - a how-to book for marketing research. It includes chapters on data sources, collecting and analyzing data, and writing a marketing research report.
  • The Advanced Dictionary of Marketing: Putting Theory to Use - more than just a dictionary of marketing terms, this book includes information on marketing theory, laws, concepts, and effects. Entries include a basic description, key insights, implications, related keywords, and citations for further reading.


Consumer behaviour and lifestyle:

  • American Marketplace: Demographics and Spending Patterns - includes data on the spending patterns, health, labor force, living arrangement, income & wealth, demographics, and psychographics of U.S. citizens.
  • Best Customers - demographics of the consumer marketplace, including food, apparel, entertainment, financial products, healthcare, travel, and more.
  • Consumer Dimensions- discusses and provides data reflecting and projecting demographic and consumer behavior trends. Includes data on internet usage and e-commerce. Some data from ACNielsen, Total Research Corporation, and other market research firms.
  • Consumer Behavior - available in print and online, Consumer Behavior aggregates trends, news, and data on American consumers in one volume.


Specific demographic groups:

  • American Generations: Who They Are and How They Live - data on U.S. consumers from different generations extracted from the Consumer Expenditure Survey and repackaged in an easy-to-use format. Compares the attitudes & behavior, education, health, households & housing, income, labor force, population, spending, and wealth of the different generational groups.
  • Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers - insight into the cultural, sociological, and psychological experiences of the Baby Boomer generation.

See more titles of books by New Strategist Publications.


Media and Markets:

  • Ad $ummary - Quarterly data on advertising expediture by brand on different types of media. Ask for it by emailing us.
  • GreenBook - Directory of market research firms.
  • Market Share Reporter - annual compilation of reported market share data on companies, products, and services. Companion resource is World Market Share Reporter. Note: this publication is available electronically within Business & Company Resource Center. Electronic version only starting with 2012
  • Companies and Their Brands - directory of manufacturers, with addresses, phone numbers, and the consumer products they produce. Companion resource is Brands and Their Companies.


International statistics:

  • International Marketing Data and Statistics - statistical information on consumer expenditures, advertising, retailing, consumer market sizes, and household consumption. Companion resource is European Marketing Data and Statistics. Note: this publication is available electronically within Passport GMID.



Cornell subscribes to tens of thousands of journals. Use Find e-Journals to locate journals by title or subject available electronically to Cornell students. Examples of some trade magazines and academic journals:

  • Advertising Age
  • Mediaweek
  • Journal of Brand Management
  • JMR Journal of Marketing Research
  • Marketing Science