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Study Abroad: Cornell Library Services: News and

Learn about Library support for study abroad and international research

This librarian's FAVORITE source for international news and magazines

Library PressDisplay Current day and 89 previous days of more than 1,000 newspapers, news magazines, tabloids, and special interest magazines from around the world. Full text searchable PDF images of  newspapers' print editions, with many special features -- article translation, reading, and more.

Many languages and many countries; many types of publications, from serious news (Le Monde) to free dailys (24 heures), tabloids, and special interest magazines. Coverage: most recent 90 days for most titles.

Current international news: content and links

ABYZ News Links.
Links to news sites worldwide. Includes some streaming video and audio; television, radio, and online news sources. Many languages. Some archives (see individual sources).

Ethnic NewsWatch (ProQuest; subscription)
Coverage: 1960 to date in two cross-searchable files. Plain text and PDF. English and Spanish.

Eurotopics  Current issues and background from the European press/blogs.

Latin American Newsstand. (ProQuest; subscription)
[]; subscription.
Coverage: Mostly mid 2000s to date, some late 1990s. Plain text. In Spanish.

Lexis/Nexis Academic (subscription)

Library PressDisplay (subscription)
5,000+ titles; full-color pdfs; many special features. Coverage: current 90 days. All languages. (subscription)
Coverage: September 2005 to date. Selected articles from news sources and newsletters. Arabic and Farsi originals. English translations.

SCOLA streaming media service

The SCOLA streaming service rebroadcasts news and cultural programming from about 70 countries in about 55 languages.

Cornell subscribes to all five of SCOLA's channels. This service is available to anyone in the Cornell community, on request.

  • Channel 1:  assorted news (also available on Time-Warner cable)
  • Channel 2:  more cultural and variety programming, from many countries
  • Channel 3:  Chinese programming
  • Channel 4:  broadcasts from mostly Asian countries
  • Channel 5:  Africa and the Middle East

Cornell's service permits two kinds of desktop access to all five channels, on Macs and PCs, as well as a one-week rolling archive of all five channels in the form of downloadable (usually) half-hour digital files.  

To obtain the instructions and password needed to access all five SCOLA channels, write to from a Cornell email address.  The email should be blank, with the subject "SCOLA Password".

Historical international news content

Use this guide for comprehensive links to Cornell's current and historical newspaper coverage: News Research: Finding the News.

Google News and Google News Archive
These now-abandoned projects had spotty coverage for most titles, but some long runs of titles from the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Asia. Searcheable PDFs.  The only legacy remaining is a a browsable title list that includes years covered for each title:

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