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Mock Bargaining/Collective Bargaining: CBAs & Contract Clauses

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Browse and Search CBAs

Instructions for performing full-text searches of DigitalCommons@ILR CBA collections through Google:

  • We recommend using one of the following search strings, depending on which collection you're searching:
    • site: perbcontracts search term
    • site: blscontracts search term
    • site: blscontracts2 search term
  • Using the "site:" limitation as given will search only the PDFs
  • Using "perbcontracts"/"blscontracts"/"blscontracts2" will limit it to the collection you're interested in.
  • You can then use any search term that you'd like to investigate.

Find Contract Clauses and Settlement Summaries

Sometimes, all you need is the clause, or the basic elements of the new contract! 

International Agreements

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