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Zombie Invasion Calculator!

The world is nothing less than a science fiction movie right now. What if zombies are next? Are we as unprepared for the undead as we were for the virus? Mathematicians say all battles with zombies lead to defeat, but can you find an alternate solution? Luckily Dominik Czernia, a PhD candidate at the Institute of Nuclear Physics, built a tool that lets you set a game plan if zombies break loose on Halloween!

Dominik created the Zombie Invasion Calculator for The Omni Calculator Project. It asks for inputs of a scenario where you’re stuck in a zombie outbreak. Select one of the 10 best zombie movie characters of all time. (Are you Robert Neville from I Am Legend? Or are you closer to Seok Woo from Train to Busan?) It then lets you choose what happens next - flee from them, stay in hiding, or go out and kill some zombies. No matter what strategy you use - good luck!

Stay Safe!

In case of a zombie attack, it is generally considered safest to stay indoors.

Luckily, you don't need to venture out into danger to research your zombie foes. Use almost all of Cornell University Library's resources right where you are! All you need is your netid and password.

First-hand research!

Also see: (unrelated to zombies, but close enough!) Did you know that Cornell has an extensive collection of primary source materials on WITCHCRAFT?!

An exhibition of a selection of these materials was displayed in 2017-2018. The online version of the exhibition.

And, a more in-depth view of the entire collection.

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