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These books are NOT ALL owned by Cornell, but if you find one you want that we don't own we can get it for you! 

Just click on the title and then select either the BorrowDirect or Interlibrary Loan option. 

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Got some time on your hands while you wait to be rescued?

Search the library for books! Here are some places to find books and a few guides for using them to help you find something to read.


* Hence the category, FICTION. Fiction = Done been made up. Or perhaps it was MEANT to be non-fiction, but the world just isn't ready to accept it yet...

Fiction - All of these books are owned by Cornell

Careful! These books are meant for pleasure only. Do NOT use them to research the undead! They rarely contain authoritative information for combat. In fact, it is like the authors had NO ACTUAL FIRSTHAND KNOWLEDGE OF ZOMBIES.*

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