Online HTML: Enhanced with Hyperlinks


HTML enriched with streaming audio and video. May borrow elements from a paper or broadcast version but has a unique layout.


For links to online direct titles, use ABYZ News Links. Organized geographically.
Direct access: The New York TimesIthaca JournalLe Monde.frLa Tercera.comShanghai Daily.comCNNBBC.


Free Web access; full access may require registration. Same publisher as paper version. May be the current issue only. Lots of color and online-specific advertising that differs from the print advertisements. Very broad representation of geography and language; only the current day or very recent issues available for most titles; sometimes less available content than the print version; unique content: video and audio files, more color photos; usually the current day or week only is available free.


Timely: the most current news available outside Twitter (sometimes articles are time stamped and updated serially); unique content, sometimes searchable; free. Access to many titles that are not available to us in print.


Often contains current content only, usually less content than print or broadcast; ephemeral. Currently a source of controversy due to the volume of fake news published through online, news-like sources.

Access rating:

Mixed. Good for very current issues. Spotty archiving of past content. Networked.

Preservation rating:

Mostly poor. Many sites have current or recent issue only. Retention time usually not specified.


The only format that offers streaming audio and video. Concept of editions is gone because of ongoing updating. International coverage is far beyond that is available in other formats; Chile, for instance, has over 60 newspapers available online.