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 Plain text, no graphics. Plain text is usually framed by an HTML interface.


 Aggregators include:


Nexis Uni

Access World News

ProQuest (Alt-PressWatchEthnic NewsWatchGenderWatch)

World News Connection, 1994-2013

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports, 1974-1996.


 Mainline newspapers, specialized/ethnic newspapers, international newspapers, mostly back to 1980, some coverage back to 1960s. Partial content. Included content is fully indexed.


 The full text of the included content is searchable; wide range of content; good currency; networked; institutional subscriptions are relatively inexpensive for the content covered.


Changing content; not an archival medium; loss of original formatting; loss of graphic, audio, and visual information; loss of content (no advertising included, Tasini exclusions, multiple daily editions).

Access rating:

Good. Networked.

Preservation rating:

Highly variable; archived content in some databases can be withdrawn by individual newspaper publishers at any time; access to archived content is guaranteed in other databases.


Currently the dominant mode of access that the library provides users via paid subscriptions in terms of breadth and depth of content.