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Call Number Ranges for Linguistics

Listed here are some of the call numbers for modern languages and linguistics:

The call number for linguistics is P
Call numbers for individual languages

  • English PE (English); PR (British);  PS (American)
  • German PF (language); PT (literature)
  • French PC 2001-3761 (language); PQ 1-3999 (literature)
  • Spanish PC 4001-4977 (language); PQ 6001-8921(literature)
  • Portuguese PC 5001-5498 (language); PQ 9001-9990 (literature)
  • Italian PC 1001-1977 (language); PQ 4001-5991 (literature)
  • Russian PG 2001-2850 (language);  PG 2900-3698 (literature)

Note: In Olin Library the oversized books (indicated by the + or the ++ in their call numbers) are shelved separately from books of average size with no plus sign.