Film and its criticism (Dr. Fulginiti)


Silent films & early cinema

  • Wallace Mc. Hutcheon (Dir). The Black Hand (1906) [Available on Blackboard]
  • D. W. Griffith. (Dir.) “In Little Italy” (1912)

Post- 1950 fiction

  • Campbell Scott, Stanley Tucci (Dirs.) Big Night (1996)
  • Francis Ford Coppola. The Godfather (1972); The Godfather II (1974); The Godfather III (1990). 
  • Spike Lee - Summer of Sam (1999); Miracle at St. Anna (2008)
  • Martin Scorsese, Goodfellas (1990); Mean Streets (1993)
  • John Turturro. Mac (1992).


  • John Turturro. Rehearsal for a Sicilian Tragedy (D; 2009); Passione (D; 2010)
  • The Italian Americans. (PBS) TV Series, 5 episodes [All available on Blackboard]

Secondary sources on cinema:

  1. Cavallero, Jonathan. Hollywood’s Italian American Filmmakers: Capra, Scorsese, Savoca, Coppola, and Tarantino. Champaign, University of Illinois Press, 2011
  2. Tamburri, Anthony J. Re-viewing Italian Americana: Generalities and Specificities on Cinema. New York: Bordighera Press, 2011.
  3. Camaiti Hostert, Anna, & Anthony Julian Tamburri (Eds) Screening Ethnicity: Cinematographic Representations of Italian Americans in the United States. New York: Bordighera Press, 2002.

Library Research Guides

FIlm:  A Guide to Resources [Cornell University Library]

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