Logging in

If you'd like to search for more than one book or journal issue, go to HathiTrust Digital Library and login using your Cornell NetId:

HathiTrust login screen shot


Login by choosing Cornell University from the list of partner institutions, then "continue"

HathiTrust Institutional Login screen shot

Locating materials

Once you're logged into Hathi Trust:

If you know what you're looking for, do a "catalog search" to find what you need. The Advanced Catalog Search is the fastest way to locate known titles (as opposed to just trying to discover new works). If you need pointers for discovering materials in HathiTrust, take a look at our page on Searching.

HathiTrust advance catalog search screen shot

In the search results, select the title you want to read:

HathiTrust temporary access option screen shot

Select "Temporary Access"

HathiTrust checkout screen shot

Reading online

Once you've logged in and "checked out" a book, you can read it online. The book will time out after 60-minutes if you're not actively engaging with it online. You can download single pages, but not chapters or the entire book.

Screen shot of example catalog record in HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access