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HathiTrust: Item-level access

A how -to guide

Cornell Catalog Record

If you know the title you're searching for, start in the Cornell University Library catalog. We'll go over BOOKS and JOURNALS on this page.

Example of a book in the Cornell catalog with a link to an electronic copy in HathiTrust.

Screen shot of Cornell University Library catalog with link to HathiTrust copy


When you want to find a journal article, look for the JOURNAL TITLE in the Cornell University Library catalog.

Screen shot of journal recordl in Cornell University Library catalog

Journals in Hathi Trust

Once you're in the HathiTrust record, you'll need to select the correct issue. Notice that not all issues are necessarily available.

Screen shot of journal record with temp links in HathiTrust

Decide which issue you want to consult, take advantage of temporary access. Then: use the check out feature to check out the entire issue. Once you've logged in and "checked out" a book or journal issue, you can read it online. It will time out after 60-minutes if you're not actively engaging with it online. You can download single pages, but not chapters or the entire book.

Screenshot of HathiTrust checkout for journal issue

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