Cornell Catalog Record

If you know the title you're searching for, you can start in the Cornell University Library catalog. We'll go over BOOKS and JOURNALS on this page.

Example of a book in the Cornell catalog with a link to an electronic copy in HathiTrust.

Image: screenshot of Cornell University Library catalog record with link to HathiTrust record

HathiTrust also holds material that is not in the Cornell University Library collection. You can go to the HathiTrust Digital Library's Catalog Search and look for public domain materials, bypassing the Cornell catalog search all together.

Image: screenshot of HathiTrust catalog search


When you want to find a journal article, look for the JOURNAL TITLE in the HathiTrust catalog search, and limit the format type to Journal.


Screenshot of journal title search in HathiTrust

Image: screenshot of HathiTrust journal

Log in

Once you're in the HathiTrust Digital Library, double check to make sure you have logged in using your Cornell NetId:

HathiTrust login screen shot


Login by choosing Cornell University from the list of partner institutions, then "continue"

HathiTrust Institutional Login screen shot

Journals in Hathi Trust

Once you've found the journal in HathiTrust, you'll need to select the correct issue. Notice that not all issues are necessarily available.

Image: screenshot of Burlington Magazine issues available in HathiTrust