Workshop Exercise: Evaluate a News Article

The Exercise: Your job is to fact-check the content, evaluate the author's background in the subject they write about, and determine the journalistic standards, values, ethics, or guidelines used by the source. Can you find a standard of commitment to journalistic integrity in these news sources?

  • 1. BBC News
    Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions under fire over Russia meetings
  • 2. Fox News
    Sessions gets boost from Senate allies – and Dem’s Twitter flub – amid Russia uproar
  • 3. The Daily Caller
    Report: The White House Found Out About Sessions’s Contact With Russia Through The Media
  • 4. The Huffington Post
    Growing Number Of Republicans Call On Jeff Sessions To Step Aside
  • 5. Breitbart
    Trial Lawyer: ‘Jeff Sessions Absolutely Did NOT Perjure Himself’
  • 6. The Daily Beast
    Jeff Sessions Is Losing Republican Support Fast
  • 7. CNN
    Trump: Sessions 'did not say anything wrong'
  • 8. The Red State
    Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Russian Entanglements, And Obama’s Shadow Government
  • 9. The New York Times
    Sticking With Trump, Republicans Resist Call for Broader Russian Inquiry


Credit: Links to articles created by Kelee Pacion, formerly at Mann Library, Cornell University.