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CRP 5130/5190: Study City Guide: Home

Research guide for Intro to Planning Practice & History (CRP 5130) and Urban Theory (CRP 5190)

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Choosing a study city

Students enrolled in CRP 5130: Introduction to Planning Practice and History and/or CRP 5190: Urban Theory will select a study city in China, South Africa, or the United States. The city must be outside your country of origin. You will research and write about this city in multiple writing assignments for both classes through the semester.

In addition to this research guide, students are encouraged to reach out to peers from their study city or country for additional perspectives and resources. 


Suggest a Resource!

This research guide is a work in progress. If you would like to suggest a resource(s) to be included on the guide, please email Linda Shi (


Central Market in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, India
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Traffic Jam in Bangkok, Thailand
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Informal settlement in Caracas, Venezuela 
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Flood in Andhra Pradesh, India
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Favela of Rocinha at night, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Climate Change Protest, Sydney, Australia
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Farmers in rice paddies near Kota Belud, Malaysia
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Chicago at night, facing south
Source: Wikimedia Commons


Created by Andrew Epps, with contributions from Yiyang Guo, Dr. Neema Kudva, Dr. Linda Shi, Marsha E. Taichman, and Martha Walker.