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Seeking Permission

Preparing a project for publication (in print or online) can be both exciting and a little daunting. As permissions can be tangled and difficult, requiring attention to detail and even a little detective work, we always advise that authors (or other creators) start early and document everything. Your future self (and your publisher) will be grateful that you did.

Use our Copyright Review Workbook to help keep track of any content you may wish to reuse. Especially when it comes to images you find online, keeping track of where and when you found an item can be a game changer, saving you from having to retrace your research steps.

The permissions review, requesting, and receiving process can take time and resources. As you examine third-party content you wish to use in your project with an eye toward rights rights status, you may find that you have items or material for which you need to seek permission or a license. We strongly encourage you to prioritize this analysis as you work on your project. Talk to stakeholders (e.g. manuscript editor, project manager, website owner, etc) early and often to get on the same page regarding copyright, fair use, risk assessment, and "house rules" that might cause delays or backtracking at the time of publication.

*Adapted in part from Cornell University Press Copyright and Permissions Guidelines

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