Using Film in Instruction

Film (including movies, television, and other moving picture media) is a valuable tool as part of many courses. The last decade has changed the terrain of how students and instructors view required films, with a strong preference for on-demand streaming over in-class or supplemental in-person screenings. Our excellent Media Reserves staff strives to provide the content needed for courses wherever possible and available. To that end, Cornell University Library continues to acquire access to a robust collection of licensed film content, available for streaming both generally and in Canvas.

For material not currently in our collections, the Library will utilize its broad network of resources to obtain licenses for requested streaming media.

If the desired content is not available to license for streaming, instructors can check out physical media (e.g. DVDs) from the Library for in-class screenings or place them on reserve at the Library. Dedicated video players for viewing physical media are available for loan from the library.

Want to screen a film outside the classroom? Please visit Film on Campus for more information.

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Streaming Media @ CUL

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Cornell University Library licenses tens of thousands of films and other audio-visual media for on demand streaming access in and outside of the classroom. Click the links above to explore our collections.

Planning a Screening on Campus?

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If you have additional questions about either providing access to film on campus or related issues, please email us at

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