Citing court cases (decisions/opinions)


  • title or name of the case
  • volume and page number of the court reporter, e.g. U.S.= United States Reports is the official source (reporter) of U.S. Supreme Court Opinions
  • Date of the decision

In text:

Cite the name of the case (italicized) and the year of the decision.

  • (Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections, 1966)

Reference List:

  • Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections. 383 U.S. 663. 1966. URL


Supreme Court decisions are published in United States Reports, abbreviated "U.S." 383 U.S. 663 refers to volume 383 of United States Reports, page 663.

For additional examples, and for names/abbreviations for lower courts, see Cornell Legal Information Institute, Basic Legal Citation, Reporters & Courts.