bibliography file

The result from executing the command bibtex manuscript is a .bbl file with the following structure:

\bibitem[Bernard-Salas et al.(2009)]{bernard-salas09}Bernard-Salas, J., et al., 2009, ApJS, 184, 230

\bibitem[Spoon et al.(2001)]{spoon01}Spoon, H.~W.~W., Keane, J.~V., Tielens, A.~G.~G.~M.,
         Lutz, D., Moorwood, A.~F.~M., 2001, A\&A, 365, L353-L356.


This file can be included as the bibliography section of  a LaTeX manuscript in the appropriate location using either cutting and pasting, or by using the \include{} command.