Intellectual Property

This session will be held in Physical Sciences Building 401.

Amy Dygert is Cornell University Library's Director of Copyright Services and will cover Copyright and Author's Rights.

MartinTeschl is Associate Director for Technology Licensing - Physical Sciences will cover Technology Licensing and Patent Management.

This session will cover information regarding your rights as a research author, including rights you may not even know you have (and which publishers often will not tell you about unless you ask). Your rights as an author can help you to determine how accessible your research is as well as your ability to share it with others.

Copyright and Author's Rights

After publishing do you plan to use your work in a class? Create a new version? Post it online? If so, you need to retain your author's rights.

SPARC Author Rights and Addendum

The SPARC Author Rights and Addendum provides information about retaining copyright for academic articles and a sample addenda to submit with a publication agreement. You may download addenda here for the U.S. and Canada. It is commonly used among the publishing community.

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If you encounter any problems, email for help.They are happy to work with you on your copyright licenses.

Science Commons: Scholar's Copyright Addendum Engine: allows you to generate a PDF to attach to your publication agreement allowing you to retain more control over the dissemination of your scholarship.

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