Finding Books

Most of the print materials collected by Cornell University Library in the area of food science are housed on the 3rd floor of Mann Library. Both print and electronic resources can be found using our library catalog.

eBook Collections


Library of Congress Classification

You might explore the following call number ranges:

G - Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

Subclass GT - Manners and customs

  • GT2400-3390.5 Customs relative to private life, Including children, marriage, eating and drinking

T - Technology

Subclass TP - Chemical Technology

  • TP248: Biotechnology – Food crops, genetically engineered foods
  • TP368-456 Food processing and manufacture
  • TP480-498 Low temperature engineering. Cryogenic engineering. Refrigeration
  • TP500-660 Fermentation industries. Beverages. Alcohol
  • TP670-699 Oils, fats, and waxes

Subclass TX - Home economics

  • TX341-641 Nutrition. Foods and food supply
  • TX642-840 Cooking

Q - Science

Subclass QP - Physiology

  • QP1-345 General 

R- Medicine

Subclass RA - Public aspects of medicine

  • RA773-788 Personal health and hygiene, Including clothing, bathing, exercise, travel, nutrition, sleep, sex hygiene

Subclass RC - Internal medicine

  • RC620-627 Nutritional diseases. Deficiency diseases 

Subclass RJ - Pediatrics

  • RJ206-235 Nutrition and feeding of children and adolescents