Search Narrative in your IACUC protocol

If possible, copy and paste the search string from your database search into the alternatives search section of your IACUC protocol.  That way, if you need to update or renew your protocol in the future, you can reuse your search strategy.  

Next, write your narrative -- in 250 words or less -- addressing the 3Rs.  You can use these questions to address each R:

  • Replace -- Is there any way you can use non-animal models or invertebrate models to answer your research question(s)? If not, why not? 
  • Reduce -- Is there any way you can reduce the number of animals that you use, without jeopardizing the power of your research results? 
  • Refine -- Can less invasive procedures or those which cause less pain or distress be used?  If not, why?

Need more help?  Contact the Cornell IACUC or the Cornell Vet Library.