Article Searching

To search across thousands of international, national, and local business newspapers and trade publications, consider using one of the following databases:

Wall Street Journal articles

Refining Search and Troubleshooting:

Note the Examples link from the search page. This section will give you other tricks to refining your Factiva search. For example, you can filter by article length, the number of times a word shows up in an article, and its proximity to other words. 

If your search results in few or no articles and you suspect that there should be more, go to the More Options filter in the Search Builder. Make sure that the Search for free-text terms in: is set to Full Article and that there are no exclusions checked. 

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

1. Connect to Business Source Complete

2. In the top search box, type businessweek.  You know the name of the publication.

3. In the next search box type a topic of interest. 

4. A record for the article will appear.  Click the Html Full Text link.

5. If you choose, you can e-mail the article, or save, print, etc.