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Korean Studies: Korean Romanization

Korean Romanization

Korean romanization is a system for representing the Korean language using the Roman letters. There are a couple of systems developed so far. McCune Reischauer Romanization and Revised Romanization of Korean are two most widely used Romanization systems.


McCune-Reischauer Romanization

     It is being used in most of academic worlds and library systems, and Cornell University Library also uses it for the records of Korean Materials.  You can search both  McCune-Reischauer Romanization system and Korean scripts for retrieval. Further information on the romanization rules, you can find it here, ALA-LC Korean Romanization and Word Division


Revised Romanization of Korean

    McCune Reischauer was once an official system in Korea too until 2000 when a new system was developed

Korean Reomanization Converter

There is Korean Remanization Converter which converts

  • Korean alphabet → Roman alphabet
  • Revised Romanization of Korean → McCune-Reischauer Romanization
  • McCune-Reischauer Romanization → Revised Romanization of Korean


McCune-Reischauer Romanization and Word Division Samples

이름 (Personal names):  이 광수 (Yi Kwang-su)  박 목월 (Pak Mog-wŏl)  김 소월 (Kim So-wŏl)  신 사임당 (Sin Saimdang)

단어 (Word): 현대화 (hyŏndaehwa)   신라 (silla)   철학 (ch’ŏrhak)   총론 (ch'ongnon)    언어 (Ŏnŏ)     도교 (Togyo)           

제목 (Titles):  한국어 사전 ( Hanʾgugŏ sajŏn)   

                        대한 민국 의 문화 ( Taehan Min'guk ŭi munhwa yujŏk)

                        한반도 의 분단 과 전쟁 (Hanbando ŭi pundan kwa chŏnjaeng)

                        이 놀라운 조선 천재 화가들 ( I nollaun Chosŏn chʻŏnjae hwagadŭl)

Converter example