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Korean Studies: Print Resources

Research Resources - Print (General Collections )

Where are the books for the Korean Studies?

General collections

The most contemporary Korean or English languages books on and about Korea are housed in the Kroch Library stacks and arranged according to the call numbers (except for some old books in the Annex Library).

The call number ranges are:

  • DS901-DS925: History of Korea: (Korea and South Korea) 
  • DS930-937: History of Korea: (North Korea)
  • PL901-PL998: Korean Language and Literature
  • HC466-HC467.96: Economic history and conditions
  • HC470.2:  Economic history and conditions (North Korea)
  • N7360-N7365.65: Korean art

Get Started on Korea

This guide shows a start-up book so you can find the major sources on your research topic such as the historical dictionary series and annotated bibliography.

Research Resources - Print (Special Collections)

Where are the books and DVDs for the Korean Studies?

We have some special collections on reference materials, current periodicals, maps, rare collections, manhwa, DVD, Videocassettes, etc., but they are not necessarily complete and we will add more and more as necessary.

DVDs, Videocassettes and Korean Film Archive Streaming Service Website

There are a total of 8,500+  videos including Korean DVDs in Asian languages and about Asia that can be checked out. The Dean Room Media Collection in Uris Library houses DVDs and has a viewing room. Videocassettes are at the Annex Library and can be requested and delivered to the most convenient Cornell library location. Another resource is Korean Film Archive, a website streaming service which is accessible from a designated computer in the Asia Reading Room.

Korean Current Unbound Periodicals

Unbound periodicals are shelved in a separate section from the regular reference books in the Asia Reading Room, Kroch Library.

Rare and Special Collections for Korean Studies

We do not particularly collect rare materials, but some interesting books, database, and manuscripts are housed in the Division of Rare and Manuscripts Collections in the Kroch Library.

Heun Sik Dong class report