EXERCISE 1: Choose a trend and consumer segment and find an article

  • Search for a trend for your report
  • Identify which consumer group or demographic is most influenced by this trend
  • Using the resources listed below, find and access current industry news related to the trend (basically, why is it an important trend)
  • Also look for social, economic, environmental and other factors that influence the trend
  • You will need to identify 3 relevant articles from at least 2 different sources of information for a class assignment, so start early!

Finding Current Trends and Fashion News

Your first task is to identify a trend you would like to use for your final project. You can do this by looking at fashion resources like Stylesight, searching or browsing fashion publications on the Web or via databases like Business Source Complete (which contain thousands of popular and industry magazines like WWD), or just looking around you!

Below are links to some resources to get you started.

Picking a Consumer Market Segment

For your project, you'll not only need to pick a trend to research but also a consumer market to target. Though fashion magazines and other media sometimes emphasize young or relatively affluent consumers, there's a whole world of customers that you can cater to and should not ignore. The resources below can help you decide what consumer segment to focus on.

Examples of Trend and Consumer Market Segments

You can choose a trend and consumer segment of interest to you such as: 

I'm interested in the market for fashion mobile phone accessories for younger kids

  • TREND: technology/mobile phone accessories
  • CONSUMER SEGMENT: Kids from 8-12 (aka Tweens or Gen Z) and their parents

Journal Databases and Key Journals

Next, you'll want to get an idea of the external factors that might affect your trend and consumer segment. For example, the economic downturn affects retail businesses; demographic changes can affect your market; and new advances in textile technology can affect your bottom line. You can look at current news sources like Business Source Premier or textile databases like Textile Technology Index to search for this information.