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Mann Library supports the instruction, research, and extension programs of Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Human Ecology.

No matter where you are in the research process, we encourage you to ask for help when you need it!

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For more information, consult the Ask a Librarian page of the Cornell Libraries website.

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If you are doing research off campus, you can access the full-text of many books and articles by going through the Cornell library catalog or through databases. You will be asked to authenticate with your NetID and password.

If you choose to do research by searching the Internet or using Google Scholar, you will not automatically be taken to the full text of articles. Sometimes, you go to the publisher's page and are informed that you can access the article if you pay a fee (this is known as a paywall).

To make it easier to get full text access off campus, it is recommended that you install Passkey into your browser. Then when you hit a paywall, you just click on the Passkey icon and it changes the URL of the article so that you are recognized as a Cornell affiliate and allows you to access the content for free. However, this only works if Cornell subscribes to the journal! Not everything is available with Passkey.

Consult the library guide on Passkey for more information about installation.