Microfilm and Fiche

Cornell University Library has a large collection of microfilm and fiche containing archival resources on Southeast Asia from around the world.  These can best be found through the Library catalog since they are not all stored in one place.  Most of the old newspaper titles in the collection are now stored on microfilm or fiche.  Microfilm and fiche readers and scanners can be found in Olin library on the lower level, just below the Lib Cafe.  If you have difficulty finding or using the microfilm and fiche collections, please contact one of the Echols librarians or ask for assistance at the Olin reference desk.

Video Resources

The Echols Collection maintains a large selection of videos from and about Southeast Asia.  Those in DVD format are available for browsing and checkout in Uris Library.  You can also access them through the library catalog.  Older films on tape are held in the Library Annex and can be requested through the library catalog.  If you do not have equipment to view older films in their various obsolete formats, please contact one of the Echols librarians and we will assist you.  Many films are now available through several streaming services.  You can access these through the library catalog.  If you need access to a film that is not currently available in one of the formats listed above, or if you are having trouble finding or accessing a film for any reason, please contact one of the Echols librarians and we will assist you.

Manuscripts and Archives

To access manuscripts, rare books and archival material, you will need to go to the Rare and Manuscripts Collections division on level B2 of Kroch Library.  You will need identification to register, and must use the resources in the RMC Reading Room.  See the RMC web site for more information and specific use policies, especially regarding material that may be held at the Library Annex.


Access printed maps of Southeast Asia in the maps reading room located under the Libcafe in Olin Library.  There you will find both print maps and tools to access and create electronic maps.  There are also many maps available online that you can access by searching the library catalog.  Once you enter your search keywords, such as a country name, you can limit your search to "Maps" in the Format facet.  This will give you a choice of further limiting your search by print or online maps.

Map of Vientiane, Laos from the early 1900's